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Monday, September 6, 2010


Last night a good friend and I went to the Grand Theatre in Tacoma WA to see the film Restrepo. I have wanted to see this film since I first learned about it nearly 8 months ago and I won't put any spoilers in here but I will say this-you need to see this film.

Restrepo follows the warriors of Battle Co, 503rd during their tour in the volatile Korengal Valley, Afghanistan and brings to life the highs and lows that Soldiers experience under combat conditions. Virtually cut off from the modern world and living in a dusty outpost at elevations that would make most Americans gasp for air, the men of Battle Company conduct daily operations against the insurgency.

On July 22, 2007 PFC Juan Restrepo was killed during combat operations in the Korengal. Shortly there after the men of Battle Company 1/503rd made a bold move to build an OP in the enemy's own front yard in order to disrupt their insurgency. With nothing more then the muscle of men and basic hand tools these warriors took the ground and built OP Restrepo under some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

This film is not just a tribute to PFC Restrepo and the men Battle Company. It is an eye-opening wake up call to everyone about how hard the American military fights and their daily sacrifices. Click the link below to visit Restrepo's official site or visit them on Facebook to find a theatre near you.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Coming Soon: Muzzle Device Shootout

When you take Primary Weapon Systems and Troy Industries muzzle devices and put them head-to-head who do you think ends up top dog? Well we went for it and ended up with some pretty interesting results. Check back soon for the full report.

Update Oct 2, 2010: We are adding more brakes to the line up so this will be a little longer but I promise it will be worth the wait.