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Monday, December 20, 2010

Part One: Battle Arms Developement's BAD-ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector: True universal and customizable Fire Controls

>By Chad Larsen

The AR-15 platform has seen many revolutionary products emerge over the last 10 years ranging from simple alternative buttstocks to gas piston upper receivers. Though, of all of the enhancements that can be added, shooters have strived to find the right equipment to make their carbines as ambidextrous as possible. The ability to efficiently operate a carbine both right and left handed has been the primary goal and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by swapping the fire control selector lever to one that offers controls on both sides.Over the next few months we will also be installing the Battle Arms 45* Short Throw and CASS 3-P selector sets so keep checking back for updates.

Earlier this year, Battle Arms Development released their Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector – or BAD-A.S.S. for short- that will fit both the AR-15 and the AR-10. Precision machined from a solid piece of 12L14 bar stock steel and finished in a coating of matte black manganese phosphate, the BAD-ASS differs from other ambidextrous selectors as it allows the user to choose the selector lever size and style that fits their own personal preferences. The BAD-ASS also has the unique ability to allow the user to switch levers without removing the entire selector by simply removing the set screws that hold the lever in place. The levers are actually keyed to the selector, so there is no way for the lever to rotate on the selector once installed without moving the selector itself.

The BAD-ASS kit includes the selector, selector detent (from KNS Precision), a T-10 torx wrench for installation, selector retainer screws, and three selector levers; Standard, Short and Thin. Each of the selector levers has diagonal grooves on the thumb contact sides, cleanly machined and rounded edges, and a groove down the center of the selector so you can paint it for easy recognition as to what position the selector lever is in. This is how I received my BAD-ASS kit from Battle Arms:

Installation is very simple and the kit comes with printed instructions included in the package.

1-Start by removing your existing grip

2-Remove your existing selector and detent

3-Remove right-side lever from BAD-ASS and install

4-Install right-side lever and new selector detent

5-Re-install existing grip

6-Perform a functions check to ensure that the fire controls are working correctly.

Once you have the BAD-ASS is installed, you can try the different selector lever combinations to see which set up works best for you. Most people prefer having a full size selector lever on their strong side as they want to get as much purchase on the lever as possible(typically for a right handed shooter this means it is on the left side). When it comes to the support side of the carbine, some may prefer a shorter lever where as others may like the full length thin lever-it’s your chance to mix and match! Once you have found your combination, simply reinstall the screws and you are ready to rock.

Note: Non-permanent (blue) thread locker is recommended to secure the selector levers after the user has chosen the options they want.

Currently, I have the BAD-ASS on two different carbines and thus far, I have been impressed with the BAD-ASS. The selector feels much smoother than either the DPMS or Rock River selectors I was running previously running on two of my carbines and on par with a factory LMT selector I still have remaining on one. With the BAD-ASS, I can easily move the selector lever to safe with the knuckle on the index finger of my right hand while maintaining my shooting grip. It also allows me to use my thumb to move the selector to fire when shooting left-handed. Battle Arms Development also offers other styled selector levers and even a blank end-cap for further customization.

Bottom line is if you are looking to run an ambidextrous safety selector on your carbine, check out the BAD-ASS from Battle Arms Development Inc. They make a quality product that is designed to not only last but also help make you and your carbine as efficient as possible.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The M&P 15/22: Rimfire Tactical Trainer or just a Plinker?

More than ever we are seeing shooters look for ways to stretch their dollar and get as much trigger time as possible. Lets face it, if you can save hundreds of dollars in buying 5.56 ammo doesn't that mean that you can focus that money towards training? In theory yes, but what kind of reliability do you get running something like a Smith and Wesson M&P 15/22?

Will it run like as reliably as my LMT rifle when I am pulling that trigger 700+ times in a day under conditions that will make some airsoft kid curl up in a corner piss his pants and cry? Well we are going to find out. Over the next few months I am going to run this M&P 15/22 to see how well it will work as a training rifle.